Documentary Production in Melbourne

Documentary video production

Documentary video production is an exciting, multifaceted process. StudioK can help in a number of ways as you produce your documentary film. Where here to help you complete your project and fulfill your vision to the best of our ability, and in any way we can.  Choose StudioK as your documentary production company.

Creative consultation

We’re excited to work closely with you, and to understand your vision, your target audience, your goals with the project and everything you want to say with it. We can provide guidance on project structure, equipment, shooting locations, defining the purpose of the piece, and helping target it towards your desired demographics. Anything you feel you need before taking the project further. 


During pre-production, we’re at your disposal. Together we can get everything ready for a smooth production experience. We can scout shooting locations with you. Help you conduct research or find sources. Plan shoots and create shot lists. We want to make the experience as easy as possible for you. You can focus on your vision for the project while we take care of the logistics. 


At StudioK we deliver high quality visuals and creative approaches to storytelling.  Our skilled and passionate team who’ll be with you on set are equipped to handle anything you want out of the project. We handle all aspects of filming, from camera work to sound recording to lighting setups. We have access to directors, people for voiceover work and can even conduct interviews. Just let us know what you need, and we can provide. 


As we enter post-production, the project really begins to take shape. With skilled and creative editors on the team, there’s no doubt that we can bring your vision to life just the way you want. Sound mixing and colour correction and grading we can of course provide. We can also do graphics or visual effects if to add a little something to the footage. We’re meticulous and focus on bringing out the best in every aspect of your project, to really bring it to life. 


When your project is completed and it’s time to put it out, StudioK can help it gain a little traction. Should you require it, we can help with the release or launch of your project. We’re dedicated to helping you get your vision across to your target audience. We want to see your project get the attention it deserves. 

Come to StudioK for all the help you need with documentary video production.

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