Event Photography in Melbourne

Event Photography

When attending a special event its natural to want to take some photos to really commemorate and immortalise the day. But its easy to either forget, or to spend the whole event taking photos of everyone instead of just enjoying yourself. Let us take the pressure off. We at StudioK have fantastic photographers who’ll take beautiful, high quality photographs of the event and the guests. For skilled event photographers in Melbourne, come to StudioK.


If you have specific photographs in mind, taken in specific places in a venue or at specific times or with certain people or groups of people, we can do that. We can meet with you beforehand and help you to create a shot list that we’ll make sure to adhere to. We can familiarize ourselves with the schedule, so that we’re ready for key moments that you’d like photographed. 

On the fly

Give us the information that deem important beforehand, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll photograph the event for it’s entire duration, keeping out of the way of proceedings in order to capture honest and beautiful moments between your guests. We’ll take a range of photos including of course candid shots as well as posed group photos and portraits. Shots focusing on the space. We want to capture the event in all its glory. Contact StudioK for terrific event photography in Melbourne. 


Our team is skilled and adaptable in any situation. We understand that every event is a little different. Different venues, different dress codes, different times of the day or night. Different seasons. We’ll make sure that no matter the circumstances, we’ll get the most out of every aspect of your event that we can. We’re able to highlight seasonal beauty, creatively work with available light, and showcase the best a venue has to offer, in order to create truly stunning and masterful pieces of photography.

No matter what, our photography will be candid and gorgeous. We’ll capture the beauty of the setting and the people in attendance. We’ll capture the mood, vibe and emotions of the event. And of course we’ll capture the little moments of reaction or interaction. Candid scenes of laughter and companionship. We understand that we’re not just taking beautiful photographs. We’re immortalising memories for you to look back on as you remember the event and how special it was.

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